If you are giving a community chat, here are some guidleines:

The chat starts at 11:00, we suggest having a presentation that lasts between 40 and 50 minutes. This gives time for a Q&A session.
Please arrive by 10:30 so that we can set up properly for you.

If you have a computer presentation e.g. Powerpoint, we will display it on the large TV screen. To do this you need a laptop or other device with an HDMI output, or an adaptor to HDMI. If you do not have that available, we can bring a laptop, in which case you need to bring your presentation on a stick.
If you create a presentation on an Apple device and are not able to have an HDMI output, it is best to save your presentation as Powerpoint and bring that so that our computer can work with it.

DO NOT have a presentation that relys on downloading live from the internet. The internet in the Library can be slow and unreliable. Downlad anything you need beforehand.

On screen, do not use too small a font, or put too many words as it can be difficult to read.

For audio we usually use a wireless headset mic for the presenter, and have handheld mics to use for the audience questions. If you have more than one person speaking as a presenter, please tell us in advance. We usually find it best to leave questions until the end, but that depends on the presenter and the subjects covered.

If you have printed handouts, it is best to give them out at the end, unless the people need to refer to them during your presentation. The reason for this is that otherwise people are reading rather than listening.
If you have business cards you can leave them on the reception table, or hand them out yourself during or after the presentation.

If you have questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.