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Follow up from the Members' Appreciation Event held at The Rock Restaurant on March 23rd

The management and staff of The Rock provided us with a great menu, excellent service and a wonderful venue for this event.
For pictures of the event click here

During the event we were able to make some announcements about the future of entertainment in Boquete.

In the short to medium term, The Rock are going to set up a large marquee on their property which will be available for a season of productions later this year. This "Tent Theater" will have seating for about 120 and give us backstage areas, a bar and bathroom facilities. Further announcements will follow about the details, productions and timing of this.

We also announced that while the concept of a theater in the park, that we announced last year, is not currently going ahead, we are actively pursuing other options. Specifically we are working towards having a new building in Alto Boquete, which would not only be a theater, but also have additional spaces for exhibitions, meetings, rehearsals, dance classes, conferences etc. In short, this would be a Community and Cultural Centre.
Integration of the different cultures in the area is very important to us and we emphasize that this is not a gringo center, it is for everyone.Of course an important factor in this is finance, so we will be asking for donations, and sponsorships from local companies and individuals. The first step is to aquire some land and for this we are trying to get a donation from one of the local landowners. We are also approaching The Alcaldia to see if there is a possibility of Municipal land being made available.

Anyone with any suggestions or contacts to assist in this wold be welcome to help.

Please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.