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As you probably know, the lovely little Community Theater that we used to have was dismantled in 2020, but all the BCP property was put into storage for future use.
The Marquee at The Rock which has been used for our 2022 short season shows the resilience of our team and the willingness of Boquete's community to volunteer to put together events like this!

About 18 months ago we announced plans for a new community and performing arts center to be built, in conjunction with the Library Foundation, as part of the Boquete Park. That was put on hold for a number of reasons, and while it may be revived we are constantly looking at other locations for a new center.

Wherever it is going to be, a key factor in making it happen will be finance, and for that we will need donations and sponsorships.

We would welcome any input from the members and public regarding this and also possibly about land that could be made available. We will be seeking corporate sponsorships and donations, but most of all we will welcome any donation of any size from members of the community.

If you wish to make a donation, you may do so in person at the BCP Tuesday Market, or by bank transfer to
Boquete Centro de Eventos SA
Global Bank
Savings Account 16-333-00193-1

Please use Donation as the reference and if you wish say Anonymous donation. Although we will initially see where it has come from, that information will not be made public, and will not be recorded in our system.

BCP thanks you for your interest in community theater which has been a major part of Boquete life for more than 15 years.